Two men in southwest China’s Guizhou Province recently paid a heavy price for a failed plan to steal two dogs, as they were shamed on a public pillory while dead dogs are hung around their necks.

According to reports, the two men were caught shooting at the dogs with slingshots when the owner got up. The enraged dog owner immediately called on his neighbors to chase the two men, who fell into a trench while running away by motorbike in a panic.

They were soon seized by the villagers. Villagers then tied them to an electricity pole, hanging the dead dogs the men poisoned around their necks. Some of the angry villagers even beat the men, according to a report by Guiyang Evening News.

Several police officers came to the scene after hearing about the incident, and tried to calm down the chaotic scene. However, they were forced to call for additional aid when they found the raging villagers were out of control.

culled from the National Helm

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