Tragedy struck in Majente Street, Akute, area of Lagos when Chikwado Agbamone was stabbed to death by his younger brother over an argument on who would wash the dirty dishes, Daily Post reports.

The unfortunate incident happened on Tuesday, July 14, in Ogun state when Chikwado prepared the meal before going for church service. On his return he found out that his brother simply identified as Ekene had not washed the dishes.

He became angry and was said to have ordered Ekene to clean the plates immediately but the latter refused which led to a heated disagreement between the two brothers.

Chikwado was said to have taken a belt and lashed at his brother. Ekene who was hiding behind the door sprung at the unsuspecting victim and stabbed him in the chest.

Chikwado 25, was not discovered until their mother, Cynthia returned from her shop. Her scream attracted the attention of the neighbours who quickly took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

In another development, the Lagos state police arrested a man for allegedly dousing his wife with acid for jilting him for another person.

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