A Vietnamese man has been rushed to hospital in agony after ‘breaking’ his pen!s while trying an exotic s*xual position.

The 59-year-old man was taken to hospital in Ho Chi Minh City where he told doctors he heard a loud crack while making love to his partner.

Doctors were reportedly shocked when they saw the damaged organ, which had clearly been snapped at the point where it joined his body.

The organ had also turned a bright purple and required immediate medical attention, the Tuoi Tre
newspaper reported.

‘The organ was swollen and bruised, but also certainly broken at the joint,’ Dr Mai Ba Tien Dung from Binh Dan Hospital said.

The unnamed man was taken into surgery where doctors proceeded to stitch the broken member back into position.

Just what kind of s*xual position the man had been attempting when he heard the loud crack has not been revealed.

Dr Dung said the case was very rare, but occurred at full erection.

‘Symptoms include a clear “crack” that is accompanied by a sharp pain,’ he said.

Dr Dung said this would be followed by purple colouration and ongoing pain and discomfort.

‘Without timely surgery, the patient can suffer from a deformed and curved pen!s and erectile dysfunction,’ the doctor said.

He said such breakages that were not quickly attended to could also result in high rates of impotence.

‘The case of this 59-year-old patient is rare, occurring only once out of a thousand cases of broken pen!ses recorded in medical literature,’ Dr Dung said.

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