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47-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth One Hour After Doctors Told Her She Was Pregnant


At age 47, Judy Brown thought her weight gain was just a sign of menopause.


But the Beverly, Massachusetts woman got the surprise of her life when, experiencing severe stomach pains, doctors told her she was pregnant and in labor.

“It’s good news, you don’t have any blockages or anything,” a doctor told Brown. “You are pregnant – and you are going to have her now.”

The Daily Mail reports that Judy and her husband, Jason, never got pregnant in their previous 22 years as a couple.

So when Judy noticed her stomach start to grow, she and her husband simply thought it was because she was getting older – and “turning into her mother,” Judy said.

But when Judy began experiencing severe stomach pains on Wednesday, she and her husband rushed to their local hospital.

Just one hour after finding out the good news that they were pregnant for the first time, Judy gave birth to an 8-pound baby girl, according to the report. The couple named their daughter Carolyn Rose.

“I feel like I am still going to wake up in the emergency room and say: ‘Hey, this is only a dream. It felt so real,’” Jason told the news agency as he cuddled his baby girl.

Though shocked by the whole experience, the Browns appear to be extremely happy to be first-time parents. Their family and friends are collecting furniture and other baby items for the family’s new arrival, the report states.

The Browns’ story is another beautiful example of how an unplanned pregnancy can bring unanticipated joy.

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