These pictures show how a 22-year-old man was left trapped in a washing machine for three hours.

Firefighters were called to the property in Sydney, Australia, after the man was discovered trapped up to his waist by his parents.

Facebook/Bankstown Fire and RescueMan Trapped In A Washing Machine
Worrying: The man was trapped up to his waist and was discovered by his parents

Fire crews had to dismantle the washing machine during a rescue operation which took more than an hour.

The man – who reportedly has mild autism – was taken to hospital to be checked over.

Man Trapped In A Washing Machine
Rescue: Firefighters had to completely dismantle the appliance before freeing the victim

The Bankstown fire crew wrote on Facebook: “Upon arrival the crew was informed that the patient’s legs had been entrapped in the washing machine for at least three hours.

“This job was interesting as the crew had not performed a washing machine rescue before.

Facebook/Bankstown Fire and RescueMan Trapped In A Washing Machine
Freed: Eventually the man was released and was taken to hospital as a precaution

“…..Once the exterior of the washing machine had been removed firefighters had to cut away the stainless steel drum to remove the patient from the washing drum.”

It is not believed the man was injured, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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