Two teenagers, who finished their secondary education this year (names withheld), have been reported dead in Kabba, Kogi State, in mysterious circumstance.
Sources told Vanguard that their deaths were in connection with cult initiation by a confraternity in the town.
When contacted, the parents of the teenagers said they were too devastated to speak to the press. They toldVanguard that they did not want the incident reported for fear of police harassment.
A source, who craved anonymity, said the boys died of complications which resulted from drinking a “hard substance,” which was part of the initiation.He said the boys voluntarily sought to join the confraternity.
The source said:

“From what I gathered, one of the boys was given a very hard concoction to drink during his initiation into Eiye confraternity by the leaders of the cult group.“The substance, which was laden with very hard drugs, led to the death of the poor boy.”

However, a new twist has emerged in the controversy surrounding the teenagers’ deaths.
Another account has it that the boy took performance enhancing drugs which overstretched his system and led to his demise.
According to this account, four teenagers were involved in taking the concoction known in local parlance asSukudie.
He said the teenagers, who resided at Odiolowo CAC area of Kabba, were rushed to the Specialist Hospital, Kabba, before two of them died.
The two survivors, according to the source, are Ebira boys from Okene.

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