A 92-year-old patient gave a married nurse more than £50,000 after she flashed her bre asts and said he was her boyfriend.
Sharon Whyte-Harrison, 55, preyed on the elderly man after convincing him they were in a relationship.
The nurse introduced the pensioner to people as her boyfriend and ‘let him look at her bre asts.Daily Record reports..She used his credit cards to withdraw cash, to pay her utility bills and buy gifts for her children, including an iPad.

When questioned about the relationship by her manager at the Palms Medical Centre in Ilford, Essex, the nurse claimed she had met the old man at a local shop.
She admitted using his card to withdraw cash and make personal purchases, including the iPad, but insisted she always paid him back.

Whyte-Harrison, from Barking, denied she ever stole money from the elderly man but his son discovered his father had given her three credit cards.
The patient later admitted he had been a ‘bit of a fool’ after discovering Whyte-Harrison was married.
He said that she had shown him her utility bills and he offered to pay them for her because she was in dire financial straits.
The pensioner later told investigators he gave the nurse more than £50,000 and that she had not paid him anything back.She was struck off The Nursing and Midwifery Council struck her name off the list.

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