81-year-old Muhammad Modibbo, who is said to be the oldest secondary student in Nigeria has died.



Premium Times reports that Mr. Modibo who is a Junior Secondary School 2 (JSS2) student in a school in Kano, had the aspirations of becoming a graduate not minding his old age. Aside from being a student, the Yakassi Quarters native works as a petty trader. He was bent on being educated when he decided to join the School for Arabic Studies (SAS), when death decided to stunt the heart desire of the old man after many years into the journey

Mr. Modibbo started from the lowest level of education and he also passed his Common Entrance Examination after completing primary education at a community primary school in Kundila Quarters, Kano. Hios teacher, Abdulkarim Ibrahim, told reporters that he would have been up for the Senior Secondary School placement examination next year, if not for his sudden death.

The teacher said Mr. Modibbo was a bright and easygoing student who got along with both teachers and fellow students.

“His dream to pursue his studies up to university level was cut short early by his sudden death,” Mr. Ibrahim said.

This is not new in Africa as 84-year-old Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge of Kenya was awarded the world’s oldest person to begin primary school. He enrolled into Standard One at Kapkenduiyo Primary School, Eldoret, Kenya, on 12 January 2004. He even wore the school uniform and hoped to reach Standard Eight. On 6 April 2004 it was reported that Ng’ang’a passed his first end-of-term exams with straight A’s in English, Kiswahili and math, making him among the top five students in the class. The headmistress, Mrs Jane Obinchu (Kenya) made him a senior headboy as a reward.

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