An interactive graphic has been published which compares erect peen sizes across the globe.
Africa bests stiff competition to claim the title for the world’s largest peenes, while men from Asia are shown to have the smallest on average.

Published on Target Map, countries are colour-coded according to the average size of men’s peenes.
Countries in red have the largest, orange the second largest, yellow sits in the middle of the pack, light green the second smallest and green the smallest.
Western African countries such as Ghana, Gabon and the Congo conquer the list, with averages in excess of 16 centimetres.

India, Thailand and South Korea are found at the bottom, with average sizes between 9.3 and 10.5 centimetres.

Australia comes in the second-biggest group with an average peen size greater than 14.7 centimetres – in the same company as Mexico, Norway, Italy and Sweden.

The United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom all sit in the middle of the pack with typical peen sizes ranging between 12.9 and 14.7 centimetres.

Russia has an average between 10.5 and 12.9 centimetres according the map, alongside Japan, Indonesia and Brazil.

Women from Russia, Sweden, Norway and Finland are shown on the map to have the largest average Bosom  size in the world.

Women from Africa or living in Asian countries are on the opposite end of the spectrum – the majority with A or B cup sized Bosom s.

Australia falls in the middle with C cup sized Bosom s on average, along with France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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Europe is divided, with the average sizes varying greatly across different countries.

Women in Northern Ireland are a C cup average – a cup larger than the Republic of Ireland.

Germany and surrounding countries have an average D cup sized Bosom  where as Latvia and Belarus have an average A cup.

The United States women have a D cup average whereas their neighbours in Canada have a C cup average.

It is not known whether the data has included women with Bosom  implants.

While many people have been entertained by the data and intrigued to see how they compare, others have found it offensive and questioned the purpose of the map.

‘This is just misogynist rubbish,’ one woman wrote on Twitter.

‘This is disgusting, what has the world become?’ Another wrote.

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