A Nigerian DJ has been accused of causing the death of two students at a nightclub.

DJ David Osahon had made an announcement that started a stampede which later led to the death of the students.

The announcement was made in a comical way but the students missed it and took it serious. Osahon said he made the announcement with a comedy accent in Lava & Ignite nightclub in Northampton which led to the stampede that caused the death of Nabila Nanfuka, 22, and Laurene-Danielle Jackson, 19.


Nabila Nanfuka

The announcement was telling people to get on board their coaches. The students had been enjoying themselves at the club when Osahon’s announced that coach drivers outside were ready to leave at 3.30am, the inquest heard. Unfortunately, Osahon made up the announcement. He admitted to making up the announcement at a hearing.

Giving his defense, Osahon said: “It’s just to motivate people to leave. I would say nobody was making a move towards the door. “There was just the same amount of people on the dance floor.”

Asked whether this was sensible, he said he thought people would have known he was joking.

He added: “I’m well-known on the university scene; I put on an African accent as a comedic persona.

“I understood that people would see it as a joke and not something very, very serious.”


Laurene-Danielle Jackson