Daniel Igali, the president of Wrestling Federation has been detained on arrival at the Brazzaville International Airport on Tuesday, September 17.

According to a report on Vanguard, the former Canadian Olympic gold medalist was detained because the authorities claimed that his name was not on the list of Nigerians being expected at the airport.

Igali revealed this in a text message to the media outfit, adding that four other Nigerians were detained alongside him.

“As I write you, I am still under illegal detention at the Airport. We’ve been here for over seven hours,” Igali wrote in the SMS to Vanguard.

A second part of his sms showed that Alhassan Yakmut, the director-general of NSC, sent people and documents including Nigerian Embassy staff but the Congolese refused to listen to them.

“This is malicious, wicked, dehumanising and unacceptable,” Igali wrote.

It was gathered that Igali’s Wrestlers, unaware of the adversity of their coach waited for him in vain during their Greco-Roman weight-control.

Igali is a member of the Bayelsa state House of Assembly and Technical Commission Chairman of Nigeria Olympic Committee.

As captain of the Nigerian wrestling team he came to Canada to compete in the 1994 Commonwealth Games. He remained in the country while seeking refugee status due to political unrest in Nigeria. He acquired citizenship in 1998.

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