A prophet and a social commentator, Ignis Iribhogbe said Nigeria will split into five viable countries soon.

He made this known while narrating a dream he had.

In the dream, Inis said that the ongoing blood letting by Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, will come to an end and will surprisingly usher in, an era of peace, tranquility and progress for all parts of the present contraption called ‘Nigeria’.

However a “Nigerian Goberchev” will arise and break the fraudulent/imposed geographical contraption into 5 (five) viable countries as follows:

1. Biafra (present Southeast zone) comprising the core Ndigbo

2. O’odua (present Southwest plus Yoruba speaking areas of Kwara and Kogi)

3. Niger Delta (present South South)

4. Federation of Central Nigeria (present Plateau, Benue, some parts of Nasarawa, and Southern Kaduna)

5. Islamic Caliphate of Nigeria (the remaining parts of present Northern Nigeria)

He noted that after the splitting, there will be no more religious riots nor senseless blood shed by Boko Haram.

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