A fitness fanatic mum of five who uses her kids as squat weights wants to show you can have a dream body after pregnancy.
Simone Gately, 34, has five children all under the age of nine years-old but still manages to fit in two work outs every day.

The full time mum and wife of  Professor Paul Gately, 45 , starts her daily routine at 5am with a gym session, followed by a dog walk or hike – and even uses her children as weights for squats and press ups.

Simone told UK Mirror “During my first pregnancy with Summer I ate way too much and piled on the pounds, I was at least three stone heavier by the time I gave birth.
“But shortly after she was born I slimmed right back down to a size six as I was due to marry Paul 10 months later.”

“I’ve since had another four children who are now all under the age of nine and although my stomach has stretched and deflated so many times, I still have an eight pack and the body of my dreams,” she continued.
“I want to show other women that you don’t have to live in the gym and let fitness dominate your life in order to have a flat stomach and good muscle tone.”
“My gym membership costs me £5 per week so it’s not an expensive habit and it definitely helps me keep up with the kids,” she went on.
“I even use the kids as weights when I’m working out, something they find really fun.
“I will pop them on my back when doing press ups and squads, now I’m really into my fitness and healthy eating, I’m full of energy and even with five kids, I still manage to have Me time, it’s amazing.”


Since her first baby nine years ago, Simone has transformed her diet and with help from her husband, Paul, who is a Professor in obesity, she is hoping to set up her own healthy living retreat later this year.

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