A woman has been charged to court for allegedly watching her son forcefully have s*x with his 15-year-old step-sister. She was alleged to have said that the abuse was a way of bonding the children together, a local court heard Thursday.
The shocking details of the matter was revealed during the trial of Terence Peter, 23, from Village Mukavhi in Zimbabwe under Chief Mazungunye Bikita who appeared before regional magistrate Judith Zuyu facing rape charges.
However, Peter denied the charge telling the court that the teenager was fabricating the rape allegations after the two had exchanged words over a family issue.
Revealing more details about the abominable act, Prosecutor Sophia Busvumani told the court that Peter started abusing his sister sometime in January 2014 after the two were left alone at home.
Court heard that after the first attack, the girl reported the abuse to her step mother Elizabeth Chapwanya who is Peter’s biological mom, but she told her not to tell anyone of the incident as it was a family custom of bonding step-children together.
As a result, the thumb up gave the Peter the go ahead to continue molesting his step-sister. On numerous occasions each time the two were left alone at home or in nearby bushes when the girl would have gone to fetch firewood, Peter would come after her and r*pe her.
The prosecutor said the girl would, after each attack, report the abuse to her step mother who kept on telling her to remain quiet.
However, things got out of hand and the mother and son implicated after the girl informed her blood brother of the rape and he escorted her to file a police report, leading to the arrest of Peter.
The teen was taken to Silveria Hospital where she was medically examined and a medical report was produced in court as evidence.
Peter pleaded not guilty to the rape charge and was remanded to 16 May when magistrate Zuyu is expected to hand down judgement.
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