A five-year-old boy was discovered hidden under his mother’s lifeless body inside the Bataclan Theatre after she sacrificed herself to save him.Elsa Delplace, 35, used her body as a human shield to protect her son Louis when ISIS gunmen opened fire on the crowd at an Eagles of Death Metal concert in the theatre.Her mother, 61-year-old Patricia San Martin, also died during the massacre.When the shooting started, both Elsa and Patricia threw themselves over five-year-old Louis in a desperate attempt to shield him from the bullets.
In a tribute for French magazine Le Point wrote.

‘Esla Delplace and her mother Patricia died on Friday under a hail of bullets inside the Bataclan,’ wrote Elsa’s friend Sihem Souid, ‘Her son Louis, her ray of sunshine, was with her. Louis was found in Vincennes hospital, distraught and covered in his mother’s blood as she tried to protect him from the bullets.‘Elsa was a joyous person who always had a smile on her lips, even at difficult times. She was involved in the voluntary, cultural and artistic worlds. She played the cello brilliantly.Louis was discovered as survivors were evacuated from the venue, covered in the blood of his mother and grandmother and sheltered by their bodies.
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