Gweneth Lee, 45, a financial consultant who had 3 long affairs with married men said her lovers would have left their wives if they had not been able to cheat without getting caught. She said at least one of the wives knew about the affair and tolerated it because her interest in se x had waned after menopause.

Gweneth embraced a more exotic lifestyle after her husband died of cancer 10 years ago. About one her 3 affairs, Gweneth said. “This really was the classic situation where the affair did save the marriage and keep his family together. My lover’s wife was exhausted looking after all these kids. When he came home after work she had no interest in se x. He would stay with me some evenings and we would meet for dinner and se x. His wife was incredibly jealous. .

Perhaps his wife had an inkling of what was going on because one night he came home and she was waiting for him with a bottle of champagne, wearing the most tantalizing lingerie. She had decided it was time to put the spark back in their marriage. With his marriage repaired, he ended our affair.

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