Qin Ling, a 50-year old mother-of-two -and grandmother of one,has both astounded and delighted the internet by her radiant and youthful appearance.And her ‘secret’ is simple: she sleeps naked once a week and has hot baths.Qin caught the attention of reporters in her native China after her daughter arranged a photo shoot for her mum’s birthday and posted the resulting images online.
Understandably, everyone was clamouring to be let in on her ‘secret’.

The Shanghaiist reports, Qin,a divorced, single mother she explains how she simply didn’t have that much money to spend on herself.

Instead, she found ways of keeping up her skin care regime without having to spend a lot of money by incorporating face-patting and a special face mask of cucumber, yogurt, honey and pearl powder into her routine..

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