A male Kenyan police officer recently caused havoc on social media. He had shared a photo of himself, clutching at his chin with the characteristic pose of a seasoned model. His looks, girls have agreed, puts him on the coveted pedestal with movie stars. The better part of the day, scores and scores of women including married ones begged the police officer to arrest them- especially house arrest. His name is Steve Karisa, a Kenya General Police service officer and gym addict.

Unfortunately, the hunk policeman is now desperately single after he was dumped by his girlfriend because of the massive attention he has continued to receive after posting his photos on Facebook and Instagram without a clue they’d get viral.

Like you know, nearly all Kenyan girls on social media are desperadoes, the 28-year old policeman from Shauri Moyo Police Station had a hard time trying to maintain his cool.

Normally, according to his friends, Steve is a cool guy who’s a little shy and doesn’t like much publicity. But the Kenyan girls could not help but add him on all social platforms like a hot cake!

In just a week, the police officer gained tens of thousands of followers on IG and Facebook. Many girls sent messages asking for his number.

Today, the hunk police officer is now desperately single and asking all those girls hitting him up to stop so that he can have ample time to try and see if his loving girlfriend can cool down and get back to him.

The girl is still mad at him over the huge attention and for reasons she did not want to talk about.

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Steve Karisa aka Self Made told Heads Up, that he had a misunderstanding with his woman after the unexpected exposure, even though he continues to post her photos on Facebook.

“Well, we had a misunderstanding with my ‘former’ girlfriend. We have been trying to work things out, though we are not in talking terms,” he said.

He asked women not to hit on him and described himself as a “snob.”

“Right now, I just want to relax and see what the future holds. Maybe Melanie (the girlfriend) will come around,” he said.

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