A woman with a monster curvy hips has revealed how she makes N500,000 every month showing off her steamy webcam videos online.

Bobbi-Jo Westley makes N500,000 a month showing off her monster body on webcam
This might surprise you! An obese woman with monster and curvy hips is making over N500,000 ($2000) showing her body to men online.
Interestingly, her body is in hot demand by men who are ready to pay for her rare curves.
Dailymail reports that Bobbi-Jo Westley’s sizable saddlebags and legs, which weigh 140lbs on their own, make her irresistible to men with an appreciation of larger ladies.
The 43-year-old ‘model’, who lives in Pennsylvania, is known in the Super Size Big Beautiful Women modelling community for her extreme figure, which helps her to earn $2,000 from webcam sessions.
Bobbi-Jo said that her wide hips and backside haven’t just made her popular in the US, where 68.8 per cent of adults are considered overweight or obese, according to the National Institutes of Health.
In fact, she revealed that men around the world are fans of her hefty figure, and willing to splash out cash on her steamy webcam videos.
‘I’m very confident and it’s my body so if I want to show the world me naked or in bra and panties that’s what I choose to do,’ she said. ‘I’m famous for my hips and for my butt. It’s the first thing that people notice.’
Despite weighing 490lbs, Bobbi insists she eats mostly salads, and that her size is mainly due to a thyroid condition.
‘I love salad; I can eat it all day,’ she said. ‘I also like barbecue chicken and barbecue pork chops. I love macaroni and cheese and I love rice too. I’m not much of a sweet eater but I do like big cakes.’
The mother-of-five explained that she had always been slightly bigger, but then began to pile weight around her hips and butt after each of her pregnancies — and with the development of an under-active thyroid. She is making her money and enjoys the attention.
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