Meet a schoolgirl who adores hunting and proves she is great at it with her stunning prey – a 360 kg giant alligator.

Ella Hawk and her guide Ryan Longer were hunting  by the Guadalupe River near Victoria, Texas, US, when they came across the huge reptile.

It was the time for the girl to show her crossbow skills and she didn’t fail  the 10-year-old shot an arrow right in the middle of the animal’s head

The crocodile was weighed and measured aftewards, his length was impressive 4 meters, while weight was 360 kilogram!

The girl is fishing and hunting with her parents for more than two years now and has already succeeded in her unusual hobby.

Ella’s Facebook page is loaded with dozens of photos with dead rams, deer, chitals, bears, boars and other wild animals.

The girl’s mentor describes her as very brave hunter, who is more confident in her abilities than most of the grown men.

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