A man who was put on so much weight he couldn’t see his own feet decided to turn his life around – and ended up modelling and setting up a fitness company.

Daniel Wheeler, 30, from Chertsey, Surrey, tipped the scales at 22 stone in 2010 after years of comfort eating.

When taking a shower one day he noticed for the first time that he was so overweight he could not see his feet – a realisation he described as an ’emotional and physical “rock bottom” moment’.
Daniel, who was the online marketing manager for Toshiba Europe at the time, decided that something had to change and set himself the goal of being on the front cover of Men’s Fitness magazine within three years.

He said: ‘I was always podgy as a child, but never really overweight. From 14 to 19 I had a very disruptive relationship with my mother and that resulted in my being kicked out of my house at 19.

‘I was 22 stone when I realised it was time to make some serious changes. I was unhealthy, unhappy and fed up with my life. I had also recently split with my girlfriend of six years.’Despite many people telling Daniel that he had set himself an unrealistic goal, he managed to realise his dream within just two years.

Daniel’s first step was to reduce the amount of calories he was consuming from junk food. He had been eating a large pizza and two bags of Doritos and drinking a two litre bottle of Coke most days of the week.

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Instead, he began to eat healthier meals and in smaller, more frequent, portions.

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