A man has been arrested and arraigned in court after he allegedly beat his transgender wife to death for having s*x with another man in the couple’s apartment.

The man, a 24-year-old bodybuilder, identified as Joaquin Gomez-Hernandez was said to have flown into an uncontrollable rage after he walked in on his 33-year-old s*x-worker wife, Vanessa Santillan having sexual intercourse with another man in their apartment in Fulham, London.

He was said to have burst into tears on seeing the spectacle, telling her: ‘It’s like you don’t take me seriously.’

Prosecutors say Gomez-Hernandez was a jobless man who collected money for food and clothes from his wife, knowing the type of job she was doing.

Police say her half-clad dead body was found in the house, alongside a used condom, broken false finger-nails and £13,000, which was said to be proceeds from her job as a sex worker.

A post-mortem conducted on her showed “blunt force trauma to her head and neck,” police say.

The man was charged with the murder of his wife, a charge he denied.

The trial is ongoing.

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