A man has selfishly abandoned his marriage due to his wife’s lack of sufficient physical endowments to quell his sexual appetite.
There was laughter in the Chawama Local court in Lusaka, Zambia when it was heard that a 43-year-old man left his wife and matrimonial home in preference to his girlfriend who had big hips and backside.
This is in a matter in which Gladys Soko, 40, sued her husband Isaac Moyo for reconciliation. Gladys told the court that her husband Isaac was no longer interested in her because she had small hips and an unattractive behind.

“My husband told me that he was no longer interested in me because of my small hips and sometimes would refer my hips to a Chinese lady who he described to have no hips and buttocks,”
Gladys said.

She said her husband Isaac left their matrimonial home in March and she does not even know where he was with his new girlfriend whom he claims has an attractive body. Gladys told the court that he will only return to the matrimonial home once she develops hips.

Isaac told the court that his wife Gladys was in the habit of gambling ‘playing bonanza’ and going out with different men in his neighborhood for drinking spree.

But when Moyo was asked by the court why he had deserted Soko and opted to live with another woman, he said her wife’s immoral behaviour and excessive beer drinking led him to look for green pastures.

In passing judgment, court cautioned the woman to reduce on taking alcohol excessively and sleeping with other men as it would worsen her condition. He however, granted the two divorce because they were both frustrating each other and warned Moyo to stop sleeping around with different women.

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