– Rising Afro pop singer Soblinkx speaks on journey into music, adding that her grandmother influenced her choice

– Admits being a sex symbol abd speaks further on sexual preferences with her prospective husband

Upcoming Afro pop singer Sonia Asomugha, who goes by the stage name Soblinkx, has spoken on her journey into music, her sexy outlooks and what she thinks of sex before marriage. In a recent exclusive with Punch, she admitted being sexy and not afraid to flaunt what she has.

She also spoke on her journey into music, stressing that even though she knew she could sing her grandmother made her develop a passion the craft.

She said: “I have always known that I can sing. My grandma made me join the choir. I was also part of the choir in secondary school. I never knew I was going to be a musician. I was just doing it based on compulsion because my parents forced me to go for rehearsals.

In my final year in Imo State University, a friend who is a male artiste told me he needs a female flavour in his song. I initially told him I was not a singer, but gave in after much persuasion from him. He called me later to tell me people loved what I did on the song.

He started advising me that I could actually go into music and give it a try. I took it serious about two years ago.” Speaking on her parents and their reactions when he first brought up the issue of music, Soblinkx described her father as conservative.

She added that as a result of his personality he wanted her to do gospel music. But she did not exactly follow that path. Here’s what she said: “My dad is a conservative Christian, so he wanted me to do gospel music. I am a church girl, but I didn’t want to do gospel because I don’t want people to be judging me.

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Imagine a situation whereby I do a gospel song dressed in a sexy outfit? People will definitely judge me. You know the way people judge pastors, forgetting that we are all humans. Now that I don’t do gospel music, I want people to be shocked when they see me do some spiritual things.” On funding for her music, she explains that it has all been possible owing to her enterprising nature. She said: “I am a hustler. I sell female shoes and bags to make ends meet.”

On her style as a upcoming artiste and what stands out her brand of music, she said: “I want to be an example of someone doing music with good content. I want to be known for doing music with a storyline. As an artiste, the best places I draw my inspiration from will be my kitchen and my toilet. When I wake up in the morning especially, when I want to ease myself, I get some ideas right there.

The melodies just come. For example, I have a lot of hooks recorded on my phone that I will still work on later in the studio. They came from the toilet.” The singer also talked about being a sex symbol, adding that when alone she sometimes she takes pictures of herself without clothes on just to see how she really looks like and what makes people admire her. She said: “I would say I consider myself a sex symbol. I know I am sexy. Sometimes, when I am alone, I take some nasty pictures just to see what I look like without clothes on.

I crush on myself sometimes and snap some parts of my body to see why people admire them.” She however stated that she still cares for her family, hence she even though she loves to show off her body she tries to cover it all up.

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On her thoughts about sex before marriage she revealed that she fancies having a taste of things with her man before they eventually settle down as a couple. She said: “Seriously, I want to have a taste of who I will be getting married to. I just want to know what it feels like with him. I am sure, of all the girls you have had sex with, there is this one person that it’s always nice with.

The same thing applies to girls. A girl might have sex with five guys, but there will be this one person she enjoys it with.” She added that sex is fun especially when the individuals involved in it have mutual feelings. Sonia ‘Soblinkx’ Asomugha is a graduate of Political Science from the Imo State University.

She is yet to sign to any record label and she says issues like provision for her needs and profit sharing ratio are some of the major areas she looks out for before signing up any label contract. She has a single out titled Pako which she said was inspired by Fela.

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