Linda Ikeji seems to have met her match though more subtle in beauty entrepreneur Dabota Lawson.

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On Monday September 14, top blogger, Linda Ikeji called the attention of people to the dark knuckles of ex-beauty queen, Dabota Lawson who is the wife of billionaire business mogul, Chief Sunny Aku.

Linda threw the first shade at the Dabota when she wrote on her blog that:

“Looks to me like light skinned ladies have yet to find the solution to dark knuckles – why? I noticed Dabota Lawson Aku’s knuckles in a video she posted on her instagram page teaching people how to use her makeup. Doesn’t the creams they use work on knuckles?”

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And to this many of her readers commented writing out derogatory words about the ex-beauty queen dark knuckles and her beauty products.

And like the queen that she is Dabota was more subtle but at the same time she hit hard at Linda in her response.

She reminded Linda that she is also guilty of what she is blaming her for. But she was not done with Linda as she proffers her solution via her product while she did not forget to let Linda know that she is actually working on her knuckles with her own product. She posted a picture of Linda with dark knuckles too to drive home her point.

Dabota replied Linda via her Instagram account. Read her response below:

Heeeey guys calm down I’m not going to fire shots at anyone Linda is entitled to her opinion and I love and respect her but as someone in the cosmetic business I will say Dear Linda , I don’t like it either , and it’s not just light skinned girls that are affected by dark knuckles , dark knees or elbows as you can see from your own pic but I’m working on it with my DABOTA BOTANICAL LIGHTENING LOTION. P.s I want those shoes and I love that bag ..

A photo posted by ?????????The Queen of Queens (@dabotalawson) on Sep 14, 2015 at7:08am PDT

Meanwhile, few hours before her write up anout Dabota’s dark knuckles, Linda had published an interview of Dabota’s billionaire husband, Chief Aku on blog. In the interview,  Chief Aku had sang Dabota’s praises to high heavens. He also spoke about the kind of love and bond that existed between the two of them with him referring to Dabota as his blood tonic”.

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