Two Lesbians as Dean of Students’ Affairs in Madonna University, Elele Campus

Now that I am no more part of the system let me be audacious enough to air this out hopping that it will go a long way to help my fellow girls who are still under the clutches of two lesbians taking advantage of them at will.

I got admission into Madonna University two years ago. While I was undergoing the normal screening at the University gate on the day of resumption, I noticed a young lady who was apparently in charge of a very large number of female students who were obviously at her beck and call and profoundly referred to her as Anti SUSU. When I was done with the process and was on my way, one of the girls working with the said Anti SUSU came after me and said “my friend, Anti is calling you. I went back with her to meet the Anti who asked me my name and a few other questions about me and then told me to go.

Thirty minutes later I was in Students’ Service Unit to receive my accommodation allocation. I was surprise to see the same Anti and this time around she called me by my name and instead of allowing me to stand with others she offered me a sit and then settled everybody in the office leaving me with her alone.

She told me that she was going to give me a special accommodation to make life comfortable for me in school. Little did I know I was entering a trap until one week after my stay in school. She called me one night to come and see her in her office; I told my roommate to escort me to the place. On reaching the office, she told the other girl to wait outside for us.

Behind closed doors with her she asked me if someone has ever told me that I am beautiful. I told her thank you Anti. My fear increased when she started talking to me the way a man would talk to a woman. She promised me all the protection in school and asked me not to discuss the matter to anyone in the hostel and I promised her I was going to do just that. I never knew my roommate who escorted me was already into the game with her (SUSU) she asked me about the discussion we had which I tried to cover up but she told me immediately that there was no need to hide anything, that all of them in my room were specially quartered in that room by that Anti for her sexual gratification and that of her Mistress.

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I became inquisitive to know who her mistress was. I was shocked at the answer. She told me it was another Anti known as Anti Filo. I remember meeting her on the orientation day when she came to address us the new students. Later on when Anti SUSU felt I was proving to be tough she told my three roommates to persuade me with promises of what I was going to enjoy should I give in.

Gradually persuasions changed to threats so one of my roommates who was so close to me advised me to play along. When I did, she started buying me so many gifts. A few other things I allowed her to do is not what I can say here and each time I remember my naivety in this whole matter my heart bleeds. Eventually she made me a hall Rep in my second year. The worst of the matter came when I was to be taking to the real slaughter house. I remember, my friends who were in this game with me told me that it was in two stages. That when SUSU is sure of you then she can introduce you to her Big Anti- Anti Filo.

It was during clearance in my second year that SUSU called me one night that I was going to escort her to EZEKEL-one of the staff lodge in the campus. I followed her not knowing where I was going to until she knocked at one door. A familiar voice answered and opened the door. Behold it was Anti Filo. First time in my life I saw this “Ion women” in a very soft mode smiling as she welcomed us. She went out with Anti SUSU and after a few minutes they came back to the room then SUSU introduced me to her and quickly excused herself out of the room. I almost fainted when this old woman looked at me emotionally and said “Do you know that you are a fine girl?”

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I kept quiet, my blood, was very hot, I saw myself dying gradually, I then demanded for water which she gave me. After drinking the water, I told her I was leaving back to my hostel but she would not let me go insisting that I have to wait for SUSU to come back.

While I was waiting under that tension, she started promising me so many things raging from none payment of my school fees, free exeat each time I needed to travel, private room and hall Repship. I rejected all of these but she told me to go and think about it after which she collected my number. One afternoon while I was waiting for lectures she called that I should go to her shop and get her a can of peak milk and bring it to her lodge. I did as she told me. On reaching there, she asked me whether I have consider her proposal but before I would say something, she gripped me and started holding my bosoms and touching my sensitive parts. I made to scream but she threatened me so I kept quiet and in this way she took and undue sexual advantage of me.

I left her room in anger but before I could get to the hostel, anti susu was already in my room consoling me with the news that I am free to stop paying my school fees and that I can now leave the school at will. I could not hide my feelings but opened up to the other girls who simply laughed and told me congratulations, that now I can keep my fees for myself and enjoy life. When my mum came to know about it she quietly withdrew me from the institution. There are still many of such girls there. They have their special book for clearance both for exams and the final clearance and Anti Filo does it by herself.

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The Founder kept telling us if you are molested by anybody in my school just come and report to me. Fear wouldn’t allow me do this because I was not sure. The time I knew he meant it was when he expelled his Chief Security Officer who was also in sexual harassment of students with intimidation until a particular girl was board enough to go to the Founder; immediately, we saw the man whom we thought was untouchable sent away from the University.

When I learnt this lesson, it was too late because, I had decided to leave the school even though I am now regretting as the threats here in the public University is also enormous and not just threat to my dignity as a woman but even threat to life. One has to sleep with almost all the lecturers here or pay them money to pass. This was almost none existent in Madonna.

Again, Security wise Madonna students are the most protected in the whole country if not the whole world but this embarrassment from a woman who is suppose to be a mother must stop.

I call on all who are suffering it in silence to voice it out and have their freedom. Please, general public, help Nigerian woman to survive. My friends in Madonna open up and be liberated from the grips of that man woman.

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