Lesbian girl marries her mum’s bestie, then her mum falls in love with her bestie’s ex husband .

In Derbyshire, Elizabeth Manning, 26, married her mum’s best friend, Elaine Phillips, whose husband, Gary Butterworth, then proceeded to find love with her mother, Simone Manning. Gary gave the couple his blessing before finding love and happiness with Simone.

Though Elizabeth and Elaine, 38, had not previously been attracted to women, they say their connection was “electric” and that they are “blessed” to have found each other. .

Elizabeth was even more thrilled when her mum got together with Elaine’s former husband, saying: “It felt like a perfect fit. Our family might be unconventional but we’re so supportive of each other and we have so much love to share.”

And her mother, Simone, 43, is said to have cried tears of joy while at her daughter and best friend’s wedding, last year. But the joy was tragically cut short after Gary, 47, died of a massive stroke in February, 2016

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