Former  Super Eagles attaker, Rashidi Yekini died three years ago in Ibadan at the age of 48 with reports claiming he was not as financially bouyant as thought.

According to the Sun, residents of Oni and Sons areas of ring road where Yekini built his mansion are already complaining that the former strikers house might have become a hiding spot for kidnapper and robber after it was left dilapidated since Yekini’s death.

Rashidi Yekini celebrates Nigeria's first ever World Cup goal in the match against America

Rashidi Yekini celebrates Nigeria’s first ever World Cup goal in the match against America

Residents of the area have already begun writing to police authorities and a source who spoke to the Sun said the  DPO of Oluyole Division has received a letter from residents who are concerned it has been left unattended to by family members or security agents.

The source said: “The residents are leaving in fear. Their worry is that kidnappers and other hoodlums may convert the property into their fortress and use it to commit heinous crime. They had written the police to ensure they keep an eye on the place.

Three years after Yekini’s demise the place had remained unoccupied and weed had taken over the entire compound.”

Meanwhile the ex-footballers lawyer said the property will never be left to hoodlums. Barrister Jubril Muhammed, claimed he had started working on documents to reclaim the house and put it to use.

Yekini's mansion on ring road. PHOTO: The Sun

Yekini’s mansion on ring road. PHOTO: The Sun