This week’s Vlog has Toke Makinwa advising a young lady, *Susan, who sent in a mail asking what to do as she’s recently discovered some infidelity and deception from both her partner and a member of his family.

Susan is at sixes and sevens when she looks through her boyfriend’s phone and discovers how much he is still in talks with his ex. She is bruised, and Makinwa does the one thing she appears to do best – Dissect the issue, and attempt to proffer a solution.

It appears there isn’t so much to talk about these days, other than cheating men and ladies who have been victims of the unending schemes, at least according to Makinwa’s narratives so far. But it’s fine, whatever gets the conversation going.

‘All those people saying I don’t know why women snoop [through their partners’phones], give yourselves peace of mind, shut up,’ Makinwa says.

‘You should snoop. People have found out that their houses are on fire [from snooping]. People have found out that they were married to other people’s husbands. I’m not saying you go out there and act crazy, but I’m a proud snooper,’ she explains.


See the clip here –

Last week, Makinwa took us a bit off the ‘love and drama’ theme when she discussed investments, and the need to put the heart and zeal into various endeavours that one is engaged in.


*Susan – Not real name.

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