A die-hard Kylie Jenner fan who is known for flaunting mobile phone covers and wearing T-shirts bearing her face.,has added a new ink in her honor.

Johnny Cyrus, who also has a YouTube channel , has permanently tattooed the star’s lips, autograph, eye and a quote on his arm.Now, his latest body art is Kylie’s eye-roll face from the ‘Kimoji’ – big sister Kim Kardashian’s emoji range.

After being bashed on social media, he defended his decision to tattoo her ,writing,

Thank you to everyone who has been super supportive. I’m so grateful for everything. ?? People say some REALLY fucked up shit about me everyday and the support I get keeps me so strong. @KylieJenner has had such a positive impact on my life, and people who judge me for getting tattoos for somebody who changed my life shouldn’t be seen as something negative. ?? love you guys, xoxo.



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