Latest reports claim Khloe Kardashian is upset with younger sister Kylie Jenner for stealing her clothes and wearing them first!

The 33-year-old star is currently throwing shade at Kylie for making everyone believe she’s the one stealing her little sister’s style.

Both sisters had a crazy confrontation on the issue on the January 10 episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

 “I used to love doing Fashion Week with my sisters and now I get to do it with two more sisters, so it’s that much more fun,” the ‘Strong Looks Better Naked‘ author narrates as she drives around Manhattan with her social media queen sister and her boyfriend Tyga. But their happy mood takes a turn when Khloe busts Kylie for wearing a swimsuit of hers before she could be seen in it in her soon to be released book.

“I saw you wore my bathing suit out before my magazine cover came out,” Khloe said to Kylie who sheepishly responds, “Oh, you have a magazine cover in it?” OOPS! “It’s for my book—that’s why I showed you. I showed you at your birthday dinner,”Khloe fires back.

Kylie continues to deny ever seeing the suit on Khloe who gets in a subtle dig and her little sister’s fashion stealing ways! “It’s okay, Kylie, it’s okay. Steal my blond hair, steal my bathing suit,” Khloe says with a hint of sarcasm. “Everyone thinks I’m copying you, but it’s okay.”

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