A Kenyan woman has finally brought the debate as which country in Africa has the hottest and sexiest men in the continent when she confirmed that men from Nigeria are the best.According to Kenya Post, the woman who lives with a Nigerian man in Nairobi, took to her social media account to declare that men from the West African country are beasts in bed and can go a whole day without stopping when they are in bed with a woman, unlike Kenyan guys whom she described as ‘one minute men’.

This is what the lady wrote about men from the world’s most populous black nation:

“Nigerian men are no joke when it comes to bedroom affairs. While most Kenyan guys are ‘1-minute men’, Nigerian men clearly know how to satisfy a woman behind closed doors.” The debate as to which country has the strongest men when it comes to sex has been on with many ladies voting for men from different countries in Africa but with this, it may have been put to bed finally.

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