A Kenyan lady took to facebook to slam Kenyan men who don’t spend money on her. She expressed shock that a Nigerian man bought a Range rover and mansion for his mistress..She says she is a billionaire’s toy and no more broke men for her…She wrote

 am still shocked the other day Someone bought his mistress a Range Rover in Nigeria….lol…as if that wasn’t enough with a mansion…A whole me chaai! …ma’fucker looks at me and stamps my price 20k…for what… What kind of sponsorship is this….to buy Pampers..or spoons Nkt.Kenyan men are demonic,stupid..
Idlers and lazy….and Mumus…..None of you has millions to really spend on a woman but you want to call everyone a gold digger and pros titutes…What did we gold Dig? Your balls??????? Nkt…bring your feelings in my inbox…I will only respect Men with money To buy Machines for me…Am a billionaires Toy….Speaking of which …Order a Range Rover Under my names Princess Maurine Imbayi…I will break a leg Running To Sankara or any other correct 5star hotel room to do you Kachabari…otherwise take your poverty elsewhere I ain’t your Mama.


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