Journalist and online commentator Kayode Ogundamisi has slammed media personality and founder of Ebony Life Tv, Mo Abudu for what he calls ‘Slave Contract’ which Nigerian artists have to sign before they audition for Ebony Life TV programmes.

In a series of revealing tweets, he called out the ‘Moments with Mo’ producer, asking her if, she as a British citizen would be willing to sign such a contract.

Basically the contract asks the person auditioning to waive every moral right they have over their creative talents, as long as it is affiliated with Ebony Life TV. They are asked to forfeit their rights as protected by the Performance Protection Rights of 1967.

In other words, once you sign the contract, Ebony Life owns your talent and can use it any how they deem it fit. You will not be able to complain or negotiate because you have relinquished every right (protected by the national and international copyright and royalty laws) you have over your talent.

Read the tweets and controversial contract below




You can click on the pics to enlarge if you can’t read it on your device


Now compare with a foreign audition form



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