A heartless boyfriend has brutally killed his girlfriend after discovering that she was having an affair with an office colleague.

Pawel Sroka brutally stabbed Joanna Trojnaik to death 
A jilted boyfriend has brutally stabbed his partner to death after he found out she planned to leave him after reading her Post Office redirection notice.
Dailymail reports, Pawel Sroka, 34, allegedly stabbed Joanna Trojniak six times with a kitchen knife, including in the face and through the hand, on March 23 this year. Miss Trojniak, 29, was planning to leave him after becoming close to a colleague in Nando’s, the Old Bailey was told, so he killed her.
She had contacted the Post Office to redirect her mail to a colleague’s address where she was planning to stay after leaving, it was said.
When the man found a letter confirming the redirection, which was sent to the home they shared in Croydon, south London, the pair quarreled leading to him murdering her.
He stabbed her six times and slashed at her once, before turning the knife on himself then calling 999 to tell them his girlfriend had been stabbed, the court heard. Sroka then made a getaway from the scene, driving away in his car, and was later found crying for help, the jury was told.
After finding the letter, Sroka sent texts and Whatsapp messages to Miss Trojniak and before leaving work she told a friend: ‘No other choice. Don’t know what going to happen and how it’s going to finish today’, jurors were told.
She arrived home about 7.30pm that evening and, just over an hour later, she was dead, Mr Jeremy said. Sroka has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, citing loss of control, but denies murder. The trial continues.
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