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Infographics on the Cost of Commodities in Nigeria Now and Before Recession


Air Fare (Economy)
Lagos to USA
Cost before: 350k – 400k
Present cost (average): 600k – 700k
Lagos to London
Cost before: 250k
Present cost (average): 400k
Golf Car
Cost before: 500k – 600k
Present cost (average): 1.3m – 1.5m

Sugar (1 bag)
Cost before: N8,800
Present cost (average): N17,000
Flour (50kg)
Cost before: N8,640
Present cost (average): N10,800
Garri (1 bag)
Cost before: N8,000
Present cost (average): N12,000
Yam flour (1 bag)
Cost before: N40,000
Present cost (average): N60,000
Palm oil (25 litres)
Cost before: N5,000
Present cost (average): N10,000
Vegetable oil (25 litres)
Cost before: N6,500
Present cost (average): N13,000
Beans (1 bag)
Cost before: N18,000
Present cost (average): N27,000
Parboiled rice (1 bag)
Cost before: N10,000
Present cost (average): N20,000
Indomie (carton)
Cost before: N1,400
Present cost (average): N1,900
Crate of eggs
Cost before: N700
Present cost (average): N850
Turkey (1kg)
Cost before: N800
Present cost (average): N1,400
Kerosene (5 litres)
Cost before: N750
Present cost (average): N2,125
Cost before: N1,500
Present cost (average): N2,300
12.5kg cooking gas
Cost before: N2,400
Present cost (average): N3,700
Wheat (5kg)
Cost before: N900
Present cost (average): N1,500
Semovita (5kg)
Cost before: N900
Present cost (average): N1,500
Bread (loaf)
Cost before: N70
Present cost (average): N100
Tomato paste
Cost before: N40
Present cost (average): N70

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