In a post on his Facebook wall, openly gay Nigerian man, Kenny Badmus, says he is not proud of how he dragged his ex-wife into a faux marriage just to please the church, family and friends.

In the post, Kenny also revealed that he was a Minister of the gospel who led a secret se x life. He wrote;

“If I could go back in time, I’d make some choices differently. But I cannot go back in time. So I’m making a real choice to live with all my imperfections. I’m ?#?Living? in the here and now. I’m not proud of how I treated myself as a young man; how I lived in the shadows of others and religiosity. I’m not proud of how I dragged a beautiful woman into a faux marriage just to look good for the church, family and friends. I’m not proud of how I led a secret sex life as a Minister of the gospel, which got me in trouble. No, I’m not proud of years and years of lying to myself about who I was while I kept up appearances. But I’m not ashamed of my story. No, no. I’m not. There’s nothing I can do about the past. Now is the best time to ?#?Live?. Today, I’m reaching out to that one person walking the delicate road of life. Quit living a lie. Quit explaining to others what and who you are. Embrace your truth. Travel your narrow path. Avoid the voices of the crowd. Love yourself with all your imperfections. If you can read this, then you are one of the lucky ones who can make a conscious effort to #live.

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