As children Robert and William Haddock would regularly be pictured together with their matching outfits and identical smiles.But today that picture is very different.The boys may have grown up as identical twins but Robert always knew he was in the wrong body.

At the age of 18 he made the brave decision to change his name to Mary and she has not looked back since.

‘I knew from a young age that something wasn’t right. I knew that I was going to be different,’ Ms Haddock-Staniland told Daily Mail Australia.’It was hideous growing up, really difficult. My brother was in to every sport. I hated sport, I’m really bad. I had no concept of a cricket ball or basketball ball. ‘The only sport I did was swimming and that’s because I didn’t have to touch anyone. ‘I was in to jazz ballet and playing with dolls.

The strong relationship between the twins started to become strained as they grew older and they eventually stopped speaking for five years.

But after years of deterioration the twins, who will turn 33 in a few weeks, have been working on mending their relationship.

‘Will was going through some stuff and needed to work through it. It was nothing to do with me,’ Ms Haddock-Staniland said.’He’s back on track and now we have a really great relationship.’Up until now we haven’t been ready for that. It is important to me to have a relationship with my twin brother because we haven’t in such a long time.’

And Ms Haddock-Staniland says she is happy.

‘I got married two years ago to my husband William… we’ve been together for 10 years. I have a pretty great life,’ she said.’We met on the internet and it was love at first sight. He wooed me and within a matter of days we were living together and a matter of months we bought our first house.’

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