A dad who got a penis inked on his thigh has cried out for help.Appearing on Channel 4 ‘s Bodyshockers, Stuart, 34, is gutted over his eight-inch circumcised manhood that he drunkenly tattooed on himself a year ago.
The self-confessed prankster says of his inking error:

 “I thought tattooing myself was a good idea, so I got my tattoo gun out dropped my trousers and started doing a d*** on my leg.It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done and I’m not going to be a proper dad or husband until it’s gone.”

As a father of four, Stuart reveals he can no longer take his younger children swimming for fear of his inked member slipping out.
Even his 17-year-old step-son isn’t impressed as he says:

 “It’s not funny, it’s quite awkward to be around, he’s just a pleb.”

And of course his long-suffering wife Sam thinks it’s plain stupid:

 “I mean what married father of four in their right mind gets a giant penis tattooed on their leg? It’s gone too far this time.”

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