I used to be a member of an old popular church, which has a branch in Shomolu. I attended the church for several years and everything was fine until I started going for the Wednesday programme organized by the pastor. I also started going to him for counselling. That was how my problem started.

Before I knew what was going on, I found myself sleeping with him. I kept telling myself that I will stop , but I could not , because I don’t always remember how we start.  My eyes only open when we have finished having sex. This went on for over a year.

But sometime last year I was save from him at a church that a friend of mine invited me too. The pastor of the church told me that I have been sleeping with a devil claiming to be pastor and he has been stealing my glory to grow his business.

He told me to fast and make sure I do not see him for 3 days. To my surprise, my said pastor kept calling me, he even used another number to call me but I did not pick. On the third day I saw him for who he really is (devil) and I was free from him.

I told a brother everything that happened to me, because his wife was also close to him. He later told me to forget about it and move one with my life. I later found out that the brother told some pastors in our church and nothing was done about it.

I would have mentioned the church and the pastor’s name but I have my family and kids to protect. I just want people to be careful of getting closer to pastors.

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