A cop screamed and ran for his life when his sniffer dog led him to a SNAKE.Colleagues filmed the police officer in his blue uniform as he set about getting his sniffer dog to search.

It is unclear what the officers are making the animal look for – but when it suddenly stops searching, the cop can be seen striding confidently towards what it has found.
Then when he spots the snake, the armed officer screams in fear and runs as fast as he can back towards his pals – who are all stood around giggling.The video has amassed several hundred thousand views since it surfaced online.But user ‘Rhenna Neill Tinney’ defended the man saying:

“For those putting him down, he was caught off guard.
“Plus everyone has true fears. That doesn’t mean that he can’t handle his job.
“He’s probably faced down the type of people that would make most of us curl up into the fetal (sic) position. I hate snakes too.

Daily Mirror

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