Abubakar Musa (pictured) was arrested and handed over to the Civil Defense Corp for questioning after he misappropriated funds meant for his son’s surgery. According to Aisha Alubankudi, the man had solicited for funds to pay for his son’s surgery. The child, Suleiman Abubakar suffers from what is suspected to be hernia.

Mrs Alubankudi and other well meaning Nigerian on social media came together and raised money to pay the medical expenses of the child. It was suggested that he take his son to Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano.
Abubakar agreed and left for Kano with the sum of N50,000. He accounted for all his spending on drugs and minor procedures performed on the child. They were discharged from the hospital and asked to returnthree weeks later for a followup.


“He complained that Bauchi is closer to him and wished to continue treatment at the Teaching Hospital, Bauchi. He demanded for N14,000 every two days for a special drug to be given to the baby ahead of the due date for the operation, but only N20,000 was released to him. He then demanded for N250,000 for the final operation in Bauchi, to which only N70,000 in tranches were given to him, because he claimed to have gotten support from other people.

He explained that the operation has been conducted with half of the money and the remaining will be paid while the boy recuperates in the hospital. A man was sent to him to greet the family and see for himself the success recorded on the operation conducted, just to find that it was all a lie, no baby bearing such name in the hospital. He traced the father’s house, his wife confirmed that the last time they went to the hospital was two weeks ago. The man was arrested at Football viewing center and handed to Civil Defense Corp for interrogation and possible recovery of some of the funds transferred to his account. For the sake of his wife and the poor boy, the boy will go to Kano Hospital for surgery which I will personally meet the cost.” Mrs Alubankudi writes.

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