I just got some heartbreaking messages from a woman married to a randy man for over 10 years.This man has over 50 women between 2015 and now, so you can imagine the number of women over the course of their marriage ..The wife found out, contacted some of the ladies and one of them even threatened her,saying she is a prostitute and has no shame.She even promised to go to her village and get jazz to finally snatch them man..

The wife sent so many screenshots of messages between her husband and these girls..He has not only been cheating, he has infected her with STDs, locks his phones, Ipads etc (Do women still stay with  men who lock their phones, Ipads etc?) …Infact, I feel for her ..She says she contemplated poisoning him but is so down,confused and thinking of what to do.The sad part is, the man has not even apologized ..Some men would cheat and when their other half finds out, they would be on all fours.Obviously, he is not one of such men.

Read below and advise her if you can..

Some messages between her husband and different ladies..

















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