Four-and-a-half months-old Joumana is the youngest victim of the Egyptair crash.
Wrapped up warmly in pink ,the infant can be seen just days before her young life was cruelly snatched away in the air disaster.
The baby-girl was the youngest of the 66 passengers and crew to perish when the Egypt air plummeted into the Mediterranean Sea in flames.

Sat next to her on the passenger jet was her older brother Mohamed, aged two-and-a-half.
The children were supposed to be enjoying their first seaside holiday, two weeks in the warmth of the Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheikh.

Their doting father, Faycal Bettiche, had booked a break for his young family – wife Nouha, son Mohamed and baby daughter Joumana – French Algerians from the western city of Angers.
‘Faycal and his family were going for a two-week holiday in Egypt,’ his heart-broken sister Assia told MailOnline.

‘They were flying to Cairo and then take a connecting flight to Sharm El Sheikh.
‘They had packed their swimming costumes and sun hats.’

Mr Bettiche, a respected fruit and vegetable trader, had wanted to spend time with his family ahead of the summer, his busiest work period.

They had not had a proper holiday for three years.Faycal had been working really hard recently and he just wanted to relax with his young family,’ Assia continued.
‘He worked in the market here in Angers selling fruit and vegetables.’
Assia continued: ‘They had two lovely children. Mohamed was only two and a half years old. And Joumana was still a baby, only four and a half months old.They were both still at home with their mother but Mohamed was going to start nursery in September.’

The couple had married some three-and-a-half years before.

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