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See What Happened to a Woman After Doctors Tried to Enlarge Her [email protected] (Photos)

A girl has been left in pain after a failed breast implant forced her [email protected] to ripple, sag and cause her unbearable pain.

A woman has cried out for help after living with rippled, sagging breasts after a doctor placed her 700cc implants over the muscle.
She’s now begging doctors to fix her chest, which is painfully weighing her down. But, doctors are unsured if they can help her case. The woman who appeared on E! reality series Botched, was told by Los Angeles-based surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow that they are unsure if they will be able to help her.
Melissa experienced serious pains, rippled and sagged breast after the botched breast enlargement surgery
The woman identified as Melissa has been going through pains since the botched operation.
‘Look how thin that skin is. Look how stretched out it is, and look at the nipple position,’ Dr. Dubrow tells Dr. Nassif in a preview clip from the episode.
The two doctors are looking at pictures of Melissa’s botched [email protected] on an iPad before her consultation, and Dr. Nassif isn’t even sure what he is seeing at first. “I originally went for a lift and maybe a little volume,” Melissa explains.
She then says she told her previous doctor to “make sure” her boobs are “big.”
“I woke up he goes, ‘Well there was problems,'” Melissa reveals. “He’s like, ‘I couldn’t get them under the muscle, I decided just to fill them up as big as I can and I just put them over the muscle.’ And that was it.”
The doctor ended up putting 700cc implants on top of Melissa’s muscle!
“They hurt, they itch, they are wanting to get off my body just as much as I want them off,” Melissa explains.
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