Although it may look like just a few random black squiggles and blobs, there is actually a pretty impressive piece of artwork hiding amongst the lines.

The baffling image was posted on Facebook by social media user Savannah Roots, who captioned the image: “I stared at this picture for an hour trying to figure out what it was, once you figure it out comment below, please don’t ruin it for anyone.”

She added: “Let’s see if it takes you all hours like it did me.”

The post was met with an influx of comments from those whose minds were left boggled by the peculiar picture.

The answer is staring at you in the face- quite literally.

Have you guessed what it is yet? If no, see it after the cut

The picture is actually a cowboy staring straight ahead – the right side of his face cast in shadow (the black blob like mass) and the left hand side is drawn as if he is bathed in light (the squiggly lines next to the black area).


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