Johnny and Laura Benson got married in Fort Collins, Colorado after spending several months planning it. After the couple officially tied the knot at a Catholic church on Monday, the couple headed to Horsetooth Reservoir for a wedding photo shoot. While they were taking photos at the Reservoir, a rattlesnake bit the groom on his ankle.

“I felt this bump against my leg and, and I wasn’t sure I got bit or not. But I felt it. I looked down, and there it was, rattling,” he recalled. “I was like, ‘You gotta be kidding me. Did this really just happen?’

At first, Johnny brushed it off, but his new wife, Laura urged him to take a look at his ankle. That was when he saw the bite marks. They were on a trail that Johnny runs often, usually with a rock in hand “for this very occasion. But not during wedding pictures.

 “Still, the only thing I could think of is we’re going to miss our big expensive party,” he said.

Paramedics were called, they arrived and discussed calling a helicopter that carries anti-venom. However, Johnny wasn’t showing serious symptoms, so they took him to the emergency room, hoping no venom had been injected into his ankle when the snake bit him. Fortunately, medical workers confirmed the bite had been dry. No venom had been injected into his ankle. He was discharged after some minutes and they went to their wedding reception, they were only an hour late to the reception.

“It was extremely emotional,” Johnny said. “When we came up, everyone was jumping up and down, and cheering and crying. My new father-in-law came up and grabbed me. It was wonderful.”

Throughout the whole incident, his wife Laura was by his side, making calls, calling guests to let them know why they were late for the reception and other updates.

“She didn’t freak out at all. She was very cool and collected and she kept her wits about her,” Johnny said. “I knew she was like that — she’s good in a crisis. She’s a teacher, and a raft guide.”

Source: Washington Post
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