A man has been left scarred for life after an e-cigarette in his trouser pocket exploded “like a firework” – leaving him with horrific burns.

Dan Walker, 20, has been told he may need skin grafts following the terrifying incident during a shopping trip last weekend.

He was at a retail park in Birmingham when the e-cig’s battery ignited inside his pocket – setting his leg on fire.

Dan pulled down his tracksuit bottoms in front of horrified shoppers – who rolled him on the ground to put out the flames.

Doctors told him he could have lost his leg if he had been wearing jeans when the battery exploded.

Jaguar Land Rover worker Dan, from Tamworth, Staffs, said: “I’ve been left traumatised for life by what happened.

SWNSThe burns left on Dan Walker's leg after his e-cigarette batteries exploded
Blackened: The burns left on Dan’s leg after his e-cigarette batteries exploded

“To hear a bang and look down to see your leg on fire is not something I would wish on anyone. The pain was out of this world.

“As I walked into one of the shops I heard this bang and a whistle like you hear from a firework and my leg had caught fire.

“The whole thing just happened so fast and my first thought was to pull down my joggers as fast as I could to escape from the flames.

“My left leg was totally covered in fire and my right was singed. I could have lost my private parts or even worse.

“If I’d been vaping at the time it could have taken my face clean off. It’s terrifying to think about what might have been.

SWNSThe burns left on Dan Walker's leg after his e-cigarette batteries exploded
Singed: Dan could have lost his leg had he been wearing jeans

“At first I thought a bomb had gone off. It was terrifying. Other people in the shop were rolling me on the floor to put out the flames.”

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Dan was rushed to a specialist burns unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham following the horrific incident.

Shocking injury pictures taken at hospital show how his left leg was left completely blackened by the blast.

Doctors have said he may need a skin graft to repair the damage from the second and third degree burns.

SWNSThe burns left on Dan Walker's leg after his e-cigarette batteries exploded
Scarred: Dan may need to have skin grafts

He added: “They said if I had been wearing jeans, I would not have been able to get them off quick enough and could have lost my leg.

“I will never vape again. I have not been smoking for two months, but I would feel much safer using a cigarette than using the e-cigarette.

“The whole experience has totally changed my life and I will never be the same.

“I’m just traumatised by what has happened and want to get the message out
there that these things can be dangerous.

“I have had to go the hospital every day since it happened and the doctors have told me that I may need a skin graft.”

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