Things might have fallen apart in the household of Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State who allegedly battered his wife to pulp because she inquired to know why he has not paid civil servants in the state for close to eight months.

According to 247 Reports, the first lady, Mrs. Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha, sought to know her husband’s reason for not paying workers despite receiving the bail out fund from the Federal Government.

Little did she know that her inquisitiveness would earn her some serious beating from her husband.

When the Medical students of the Imo State University Hospital, Orlu learnt about the incident, they reportedly staged an angry protest.

A source in the know reportedly said that Mrs Okorocha told her husband that she had run short of words to explain to the people that they would get paid.

Reliable sources disclosed that Mrs. Okorocha had angrily lashed her husband, pointing out to him that his decision to owe the workers had dragged the family’s name to the mud with several persons criticizing his government.

Nkechi Okorocha, wife of the Imo Governor
Nkechi Okorocha, wife of the Imo Governor

Mrs. Okorocha also allegedly reminded her husband that the hospitals, courts, house of
assembly and many organizations were under lock and key because of the unpaid salaries.

She further queried her husband for ignoring vital projects and  institutions such as Imo State University Teaching Hospital, IMSUTH, thereby stifling the state’s economy.

In reaction to her sudden outbursts, Okorocha blasted his wife for listening to gossips from his opponents who are bent on damaging his reputation.

Visibly enraged Governor Okorocha allegedly went on to beat his wife to pulp, according to sources.

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It was learnt that the beating would have been worse but for the timely intervention of the governor’s security aides who saved her from her husband’s rage.

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  1. One of the responsibility of a wife is to call the husband attention to what he is not doing right. that woman good woman did,n deserve such treatment. Rochas should know that all eyes are on him.

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