Popular Nigerian female comedian, Helen Paul who is aimed at providing succour for the less privileged children in the society, finally speaks on why she thinks she is not a good wife over the years.

The petite entertainer, Helen Paul-Bamisile is happily married with two lovely sons who she always describes as her best friends.

Helen Paul speaks on what has kept her marriage going over the years.

She said, “it has always been God’s Grace because we don’t have room to keep marriages. Infact I don’t think am a good wife because sometimes I go to shows and forget that I am married then I get back late and begin to ask what are we eating my husband will say ‘well I cooked something and I remained for you’. It’s just luck if you have a good man that is your friend, count yourself lucky. Not just about celebrities any time it’s about how our mothers have trained these boys. Sometimes boys will go and be playing ball and girls will be in the kitchen with their mum, so it depends on the home they come out from because if they should look at it me, I should be out of marriage but God wants me in. so I thank God that Uncle Femi is my daddy and friend“.

Helen Paul further advises youths who are getting ready to walk down the aisle.

she said, “all advises that we seek are all I the bible because I still need marital advice for myself. What I tell people is that, marry you friend not fake friends, don’t marry in a hurry the fact that I married young doesn’t mean you will marry young but just know in your heart that the bible said we should be fruitful and multiply. I know as a wife you have to be submissive and patient. I do not go in the same car with my husband while going to church on Sunday because we both have different temperaments while driving. If am driving I chose who I don’t want to give space he too gives whoever he want to give space. You know the way we drag the road as if it’s our father’s property but if we are in one car we will be fighting. My husband is also a good cook. The young ones should just pray once they see the red light while they are still dating. Also take not of the family factor because both of you might be doing well and once family gets involved, that union is ruined“.

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